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Painting your Front Door in Colour

If you're looking for an instant lift and to add some vibrancy to your home, then give your front door a fresh coat of paint in a bold colour.

Adding the wow factor by introducing the use of colour is just what you need. Your front door is the perfect way to start experiment with colour, so try a bold tone that really packs a punch and gives people a little glimpse into your personality!

When it comes to choosing the colour of your door, choose a colour that complements the other tones and architectural features of your home. A colour that works with the materials of your house and landscaping.

Natural elements such as sunlight and shade can alter how paint looks, so often when it comes to painting external areas using a colour a shade darker than your chosen tone, will help you achieve the right depth of colour and tone you are after. Front doors are a great place to be bold with colour, as it's one of the strongest features of the home.

Colours to consider

Yellows – There are many fantastic yellows and it's such a bright, inviting colour it's the perfect welcome matt. Yellow is also a hue that looks fantastic with white and as shown in our front door below. Haymes Asparagus is a cheerful colour for a front door, especially for homes reminiscent of the 50s and 60s. This yellow green tone has a lively warmth, and can easily be paired with either bright or neutral exterior and interior pieces.

Haymes Beaumaris yellow door

Photography by Eve Wilson

Terracotta Tones

Warm tones such as terracotta's add a warmth and accessibility to a home, whether it be a beautiful soft earthy tone such as Haymes Athena as shown below, or a bolder choice it is the perfect colour to go with a contemporary grey palette.

Reminiscent of the detailing found in the art deco era, this terracotta (almost peach) tone adds that simple touch of colour and detail found in the 30s, and with the special details and play on colours, provides a whimsical warm feel to this home.

Albion St Haymes Carrodus terracotta door

Photography by Fiona Storey


So many shades of black, verging on charcoals that really do work in any situation. However a true black door finished in Haymes Intrigue is a classic timeless style statement, there really isn't anything that can beat a beautifully painted black glossy door which makes a classic or contemporary statement. Black is like the new neutral that seems to be the most popular and trusted door colour Black makes a bold statement, drawing attention instantly, making it the focal point of the house. Typically black doors are used on period homes, but can also have a big wow factor on contemporary homes as well.

Haymes 21MaitlandSt black door

Photography by Armelle Habib

What type of paint do I use?

Answering this question really depends on the type of finish you are after. If you want that elegant timeless glossy look, then a high gloss finish is what you need. Or if you prefer a matte look, to sit nicely with the rest of the house then a low sheen finish could be your answer. Depending on the colour you choose, can also inform the type of finish you may want. A high gloss finish looks great with black, where as a neutral tone looks fantastic with a low sheen finish.

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