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DIY terrazzo-inspired clay Easter eggs

With Easter just around the corner, we’ve created a quick and fun DIY – terrazzo-inspired clay Easter eggs!

These ornaments can be used on a branch tree like we have done – ideal to use as a centerpiece on your Easter table or to create an Easter vignette in your entryway – or can be used as gift tags on Easter baskets, or to decorate place settings around the table. 


Items you will need:

-          Air dry clay (500g)

-          Egg mould or print out of egg shape to trace around

-          Paints (we used Haymes Lone Rock, Gold Dabs, Appolo Blue, Greyology 1 and Burple)

-          Paint brush

-          Rolling pin

-          Clay tools or butter knife to lift clay

-          Tooth pick

-          Fishing line or cotton thread

-          Scissors



1. Create the egg-shaped clay ornaments by rolling out the clay on a dry clean surface until it is 2-4mm thick and press your egg mould into the clay like you are cutting out cookies. Use a clay tool or butter knife to lift the egg shapes off your work surface and press a toothpick through the top to create a small hole before setting them aside on a clean sheet of paper to dry.



2. Repeat this step until you have created the desired amount of ornaments (we made 20) and if you like, you can use the left over clay to create small beads by rolling clay in the palm of your hand and pressing a toothpick through the centre. These beads add a decorative feature to your ornament or can be used to create a garland.





3. Allow your ornaments and beads to dry for 24 hours or until they become bright white.



4. Now the fun can start – it’s time to paint them! We can’t get enough of terrazzo at the moment and love the idea of using this pattern on the ornaments. Look at photos of terrazzo to get an idea of colours and shapes you might like to use. We opted for a Lone Rock as the background and used Appolo Blue, Greyology 1, Burple and spots of metallic gold to create the terrazzo-inspired effect on the eggs.

Simply use your paintbrush to paint stone-like shapes on the eggs and don’t shy away from layering colours or even adding flecks of colour to create the desired effect.




5. Once the ornaments and beads are dry, simply tread fishing line or cotton thread through the holes to attach them to your branch tree.  We also added 3-5 of our handmade clay beads to each ornament for an added decorative element.





This DIY is so easy to create and the best part is, the clay ornaments barely take up any storage space so you can stow them away for next Easter. And if you feel like updating the look of the eggs next year, you can do that too by repainting them whatever pattern or colours you like.

If you try this DIY, we’d love to see photos by tagging us @stylecuratorau and @haymespaint when you post pictures online.

Happy Easter!


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